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The Cuscus (Phalanger mimicus) is also known as Australian Cuscus, Grey Cuscus, Grey Phalanger, and To-ili. An arboreal marsupial, it is endemic to Australia (Cape York), southern New Guinea and possibly the Aru Islands. It was discovered in 1895 by Oldfield Thomas.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Subclass: Marsupialia
Order: Diprotodontia
Family: Phalangeridae
Genus: Phalanger
Species: P. mimicus

CUSCUS is an endangered marsupial from Papua New Guinea, and like every real clubber extremely active at night. The smart acting circles around his eyes offer in a unique way a high level of identification.

Together with the bird of paradise, an equally endangered species, he will now show all the party hungry night owls the way through the thicket of the night.

Since 2006 the CUSCUS series stands for an electronic event with national and international DJs and residents, and on equally good for music as well as educational work on nature conservation.
We confront the party communitiy in an unusual way unobtrusively and appropriately with the destruction of the tropical rain forest. One problem that concerns us all - even in the relaxed party night life it should find its place. With the positive power of music we want to spread the amazing vibe "pro-nature"!

As part of our options, we want to contribute to the rescue of endangered species. From every entrance fee 1€ per visitor will be donated for this purpose - Long-term! So that each year several thousand euros for the good cause will come to good.

For this project we were able to get WWF Germany as partner, for decades a successful worldwide operating foundation for nature and environmental protection. In 2013 we go a new way-to support a very small organisation in Papua or social projects we like!

In 2009 the CUSCUS concept was awarded for the sustainable thought in the "Be a futurist" competition proclaimed by the UNESCO.

Since 2012 we are proud to present our music philosophy in house & techno music as a green digital label!